Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Before I begin ranting, I want to send good wishes to all my LJ friends in the path of Isabel! I hope you all are safe!

(commence regular journal ranting)

OK, work is continuing to be a never-ending stream of insanity. The latest item: I have to leave my worksite and drive 40 minutes to the central office to have my picture made for the directory. This could not be put off; it was an emergency. And even though the pictures were being taken with disposable cameras, no one could possibly just send us a camera and have us return it. Oh, no. Because paperwork and pictures are our new priorities. Ha Ha Ha! (Yes, that IS a maniacal laugh).

I have a new motto: When I have a “Best practice” workload, I will be able to implement “best practices.” Otherwise I just do what I can. Some days it seems like enough, some days, not.

Thank you God, that the kids can still make me smile.

W. spontaneously threw his arms around me last night. Will miracles never cease?

I haven’t had any heroes lately. At least I haven’t done any “Evil Demon of the Day” entries.

Thank you for reading and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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