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Training Day 2

Our training was much more interesting this morning. We learned the ways to physically defend oneself from various attacks without hurting the child. For example, if a child is biting your arm, you should push your arm further into the child's mouth, (gently) forcing the mouth wider enabling the grip to loosen and the arm to be freed. However, I am hoping I don't have to use these techniques too often.

I got a better look at my new "stuff" today. I took a detailed inventory of everything I could see, which included about 30 reference books and 20 activity sets. I also saw the folders of the kids on my caseload. I didn't have time to read them, but I counted them. There were 45, which is a pretty good caseload, especially since I will be dealing with three different schools as well as walk-in preschoolers. The janitor, who is really nice, told me that I will have Internet access in my portable--thank goodness!

No more work this week. I'll be doing the catch-up "Mama" and personal things the rest of the week to get ready for everyone's new school year.

As I start hearing more about what I will need to be doing, I am starting to worry a little. I have no ideas on how to decorate my room. I am hoping that I will learn the information on doing the meetings and paperwork at my training next week, but I already have to schedule a meeting for the week after! I am worried about how I am supposed to schedule the kids since I have never really done that before. I have no idea what the hours for the school district are. I need to work on making forms and looking at IEPs... I feel too tired to worry about it all tonight.


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Aug. 1st, 2002 10:38 pm (UTC)
I'm glad they teach you that stuff, but I hope you never have to defend yourself!
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