Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

So I was wrong...

I can still cry. The church service with the kids W's age singing the familiar Godspell songs caused immediate tears. I was in much worse shape than B, who I had been worried about. During the pause for an offering, a boy said "We lift up W, who died last week and would have been a junior at PESH next year." More tears. At the end, when Jesus sings, "Oh, God, I'm dead" I cried again. Fortunately we didn't see too many people I knew.

A stepped on a screwdriver yesterday. The wound is a puncture, and did not bleed profusely, but it still hurts to walk on, so he has been hopping everywhere. I can't decide whether to take him to the doctor. We are so vulnerable to illness now, I probably should.

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