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Monday Mourning

I did take A in this morning to see about his foot. The doctor said it seemed like a clean puncture and prescribed a tetanus booster. I am so glad I went in. I can't deal with any other losses now. He is still hopping but the doctor said he should be walking on it by the end of the week.

I spent some time crying yesterday afternoon. I was so jealous of those teenagers who are getting on with it, going to camp, getting ready for college,etc. when W will never do any of these things. Anger is creeping into the sadness and numbness. I'm glad to have this place, and to have a therapist.

I will see a patient today for the first time. I am dreading it somewhat; I hope I can keep my mind on things. Since I had just started working there, I was still trying to find my way. Now it will be even harder.

I am dreading the thank you notes, too. I started them but I can't make myself work on them again. Ugh.

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