Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

What do I remember?

He was usually quiet and played his hand close to his vest. He opened up the most to his friends, not to me. But he let me see him when he was in pain and unhappy. I spent a lot of time when he was young taking care of him because he got sick so much. As he got older, he seemed so well, and he didn't overtly need me as much. He never was one to ask for help, so I had to occasionally force help upon him.

He had a dry sense of humor and enjoyed making family members the butt of his jokes. He adored teasing his brother and then pretending he had done nothing wrong. He thought it was fun to run screaming away from me when I tried to hug him.

He liked to pretend he was going to take over the world when he grew up. He enjoyed going through strategies for this with us; he would discuss his plans over dinner.

He hated have one of us help him study with him, but I really enjoyed it when we did. We last studied Chemistry together, and wrestled with the problems like partners.

He occasionally took my advice; when we went to Scarborough Faire, I pointed out a pretty necklace that his girlfriend might like. He bought it for her, and it was the last gift he gave her.

He loved the TV shows Futurama and Family Guy. Sometimes, I would sit and watch them with him, more for the company than anything.

He liked talking about his video games; I was thrilled when he shared his ideas for EQ with me.

He loved sleeping late, and he would wrap an ancient blanket around his face to block out the sun.

He was a careful and responsible driver, and he was happy to have a car, even if it was a minivan.

I may just come back to this entry and add more later.

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