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Finally writing again

I have had things I wanted to say in the last few days, but I could not get myself to sit down and write them. I feel this dread of writing for some reason. I'm glad I can write again today.

I got a letter from the State of Texas saying that my license application was approved. I'm a legal SLP intern! I start more training again next week. The kids don't start school until the 19th, so I have some time to think about my schedule.

The schedule is one of the hardest parts of the job. I need to organize the kids into groups by age and disorder, schedule the number of hours per week as specified by their IEPs, and make sure that their schedules are compatible witht their regular school schedules. It takes a lot of coordination. I hope I get some advice on how do a schedule.

I got a cool folding mat for my room. It has a triangular pillow attached and can be folded many different ways so you can use it as a small chair, long chair, sleeping mat, etc. It will be useful for relaxation. I just hope I have room for it it my new room! I am trying not to buy too much before I see how big the room is. I did score a free Stuart Little 2 domino game from a Wendy's kid's meal. Free is good!


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Aug. 3rd, 2002 08:45 am (UTC)
So far I've avoided much "block" on LJ, though at the cost of posting some trivial and inane things indeed. I'm so glad you got your official license. It's so good to get started down this road. Thinking about what goes in your room, scoring dominoes, getting started....such a nice place to be--all new, all exciting.
Aug. 3rd, 2002 03:26 pm (UTC)
I agree with (^^), about everything expressed.

Congratulations on that License, though, again: it's the biggest hurdle, from what you've described.

About scheduling, I'd start with the most inflexible requirement field (probably class schedules), then adapt the next most flexible field, and so on and so on, concluding with whatever is the most flexible as the last field in the organization. Then, if there is no means by which you can adapt the following (lesser flexible) to the most flexible, you can then make requests to modify the most flexible (class schedule).

Sounds all very encouraging and new and constructive and I'm glad to know you in LJ. About that (LJ), I've concluded that I'm going to apply the Journal URL for a greater community -- the Internet -- and minimize the clubbiness and such withing the LJ options. That, at least, will allow me to approach the LJ pages on an indifferent level, and bypass all the highly subjective, various, individual user issues.

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