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A memory reawakened

I had lunch with my sister in law today. She reminded me of a wonderful memory of W. I'm going to write it here so I don't forget again. W, my sister in law (SIL) and I went to a Haunted House together one Halloween when W was 13. It was in a ranch out in the country. We enjoyed chatting as we waited in line, and W tolerated that. The House started out OK, but quickly became disorienting. We tried to hang on to each other, laughing and screaming. My SIL said she remembered asking W if she could hold onto his jacket. After going through a maze in total darkness, we came out into a room filled with the smoke from a fire extinguisher. W and I were still together, laughing. We lost my SIL for a while, but finally caught up with her. We ended up at Starbucks, drinking hot chocolate and talking about our adventure. My SIL said she always felt closer to W after that. I wish I had had more of those types of moments with W, but they really can't be artificially created. I am so happy that she reminded me of it!