Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Moore, wine and cheese

A friend and I went to Farenheit 9/11 last night. I was a little apprehensive about going because even though I share some of Michael Moore's opinions, I have usually cringed at parts of his other movies. However, this movie was a little different than his usual fare. He narrates the movie, but he is not pulling as many pranks as he usually does. I found it to be much better than I expected. I cried during the part where the mother tells about hearing that her son is dead.

I went to see it in our new Angelika theater. I am so excited that we have a new independent theater up north of Dallas. It's in a little area that developers decided to build like a little downtown, with wide sidewalks and a parking garage to the side to encourage people to get out and walk around. It's a place I want to come back to and explore in more detail. After the movie, we wanted to eat somewhere, so we asked some valet parkers about the local restaurants. They mentioned a wine bar, so naturally I was intrigued. The wine bar was gorgeous inside, with beautiful wooden square shelves each holding a bottle of wine and a lit candle. They had a fun offering: a "flight" of wine, which is the equivalent of one glass, but consists of 3 different wines so that one can try the different ones out. I had a flight of Merlot. We also had a salad and plate of cheeses that were excellent. We talked about everything that was going on with us, illness, death, divorce, family. A great evening.

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