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Better Day

I had a much better day today. My professional organizer came over and we worked 4 and a half more hours on my home office. All together we have worked about 17 hours on it. It is wonderful, and I will post pictures as soon as I have finished (and I can find the camera). Just a few things remain to be done, and I will do them myself. Now I can find everything, and I can use the room to write, print, laminate make phone calls, sit and think, anything I want! In a few months, after I have saved up more money and energy, I am going to have her come back so we can do W's room together.

I had a wonderful evening with two friends. They both work at my old graduate school. One of them has twin boys, and one of her twins was born with a heart defect. She has been active in Heart to Heart, and is very sympathetic. Well, they both were wonderful. They brought me a bag full of goodies, and they listened as I spilled my guts. The listening is the best thing anyone can do for me now. Since we are all SLPs, we enjoyed swapping stories about cases and philosophy of treatment. I keep wanting to use the word wonderful over and over! I hope we get together again soon.