Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Gifts and the Will of God

I have been thinking about gifts and the will of God lately. I firmly believe that God did not strike W down for some unknown purpose. I have come to believe that just as God made humans with free will, he created the natural world with a "will" that allows for variation and defects. This natural, imperfect world is the reason that W was born with a heart defect. And it was this heart defect that killed him, not the desire of God to have W in heaven (as some disgustingly sappy poems purport). However, I believe that God knew this would happen. And so He allowed me to have the gift of depression, which was a condition I previously felt cursed with. But it is because I have learned over the years to live while in deep depression that I have been able to function as well as I have during my grief. So at last, I am grateful for this 'gift.'

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