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Wow. I received more notices about donations to our church in memory of W. One from each of the partners at our clinic (they are the BEST), and one from the middle school where W used to go, and A goes now. People continue to be incredibly kind.

I finished reading The Gospel of Thomas today. It is an unusual (to my mind) collection of sayings that are attributed to Jesus. A lot of them are very close to passages from the synoptic gospels, but some of them are very odd and quite hard to understand. There are several expansions on the philosphy that one is supposed to "hate" one's father and mother. Also, the gospel has a lot to say about Jesus' followers being the "children of light." Somehow, I think that this is supposed to be some sort of metaphor, but I really don't get it.


Aug. 7th, 2004 02:34 am (UTC)
hmmm...i have enjoyed reading your posts about your vacation and your handicrafts, but I have wondered why you haven't added me to your friend's list... :-)
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 7th, 2004 07:40 am (UTC)
I think I saw a train layout in one of your photos. I love trains. :-)