Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Back To School

A is mad at me because I made him join the youth choir and go to the youth group meeting last night. I think he needs someone besides me or his father to talk to, so I am going to make him keep going. He did have an interesting insight. He said the message at the worship service was that life was like a party. The person giving the message said something about summer being a big party. A said he wanted to get up and yell at the guy. "My brother died this summer. That was NOT a party." I acknowledged that he had a good point.

I went to the grief support group meeting last night, which was good. There were two other women who had lost children there. It meets monthly, and I'll try to go back. I've also spoken to a few more friends and family members who say that they are not sick of hearing me talk, so that is good. And I made it through the 2 month date of W's death.

Poor B was having a rough time with it today. He had to come home early. He was trying to tell me about ideas for W's birthday, and broke down. We are still in survival mode I guess.

I spent tonight putting band and chess events into my calendar. A is going to have plenty to keep himself busy. Especially since he seems to be having more trouble with his homework. He was having difficulty looking up items in his textbook, which is not like him. But he is good at asking for help, which I appreciate.

One of the chess tournaments is on W's birthday. I don't know if A is going to feel like playing chess that day or not. I sort of hope he does, but I do hate to leave B alone on that day.

I did get my renewed license in the mail, which is a relief.

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