Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Serious brain overload

I attended the first Special Ed training today, and my brain is tired from whirling all day. The meeting consisted of:

Meeting new team members--fun
Singing our official song--dumb but fun
Learning about changes to documents that I had no idea existed
Receiving a new test--the PLS-4 way cool! We SLPs love our tests!!
Receiving mounds of forms and a speech handbook
Getting a list of kids on my caseload with all their dates

There were many types of specialists at the meeting, so I will define the acronyms now:

LSSP--school psychologist--in charge of behavioral issues and academic counseling
Diag--diagnostician--in charge of academic testing and coordinating special ed testing on all kids (except speech-only kids)
OT--occupational therapist--works with fine motor skills, especially handwriting, living skills and feeding (in combo with SLP)
PT--physical therapist--works with large motor groups, especially walking and stabilizing

In my district, we have one full-time SLP (me) and a full-time diagnostician. The other specialists are part-time. I plan to become very friendly with the diagnostician. She has one office day a week at the co-op, whereas I am at my campuses all week. Therefore, she becomes a communication link between me and the co-op, bringing forms and tests when needed. She is also an expert at doing ARDs, so I will definitely need her advice!

I learned our co-op does provide limited speech services to kids who are in private school or who are homeschooled. I have 45 kids on my case load, which includes mostly pre-school and elementary kids. I have 1 high school student and 2 middle school students. 1 child is autistic, and one has mental retardation (MR). That's all I know so far. I'll know more once I get to my school and read their files.

I'm sure there is more I could write, but I am exhausted. My husband has to leave town again; his mother is not well. Next week my kids start school. I have stepped back on the moving sidewalk of full-time employment. I hope I can keep up!

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