Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

We went on our regular Tuesday night visit to the grave. B brought some car detail liquid that shined up the bronze headstone very nicely. I brought some dice that W's friend had given us to stick in the vase. B wants to see if we can find some silk moonflowers for the vase.

I remember how W loved dice so much. Of course, he was always losing his dice bag and feeling tortured because he could not find it. He loved to go to game stores and see the different types. His favorite T shirt was a takeoff on the got milk? ads--a black shirt with got dice? in white.

A former church counselor of W's told me that on the day of W's death, he was out of town in a game store and he was telling his son about how he knew a kid that probably had all the dice that they were looking at. "I loved W," he told me. I'm so glad he did.

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