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TGIF and Fish Camp

The last training day of this week was pretty different. It was training on a motivational philosophy called FISH! You can read their official website here

There are four rules:


Make Their Day

Be There

Choose Your Attitude

I thought it was pretty fun. We got to know other people in the co-op, made stuffed fish, and talked about ways to bring the philosophy into the workplace. The other brand new CFY kept whispering to me that she felt it was a waste of time. I could see her point, but there is something about getting people together for fun that improves relations. Now when we talk to others on the phone, we will know them and remember them in a positive light. One of our trainers once told us that if our first contact with our student's parents is positive, then they will be more cooperative during the year.

I am planning to call all my parents within the first two weeks of school. I also plan to send them an introductory letter. I hope this helps us get off on the right foot.

I have a lot to do this weekend--I need to gather my materials for school and label my personal supplies. I will be at my school on Monday. I just hope my room is ready!

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