Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Waiting for the Other Shoe

I had another good day on Sunday. Our new Sunday School class is great, and A didn't get mad at me for making him go to choir.

I went to see the movie "Riding Giants" with a friend. It's about surfers who ride the very biggest waves. Even though I never have, and most likely never will, surf, I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful waves and the beautiful men who rode them. They have a carefree attitude toward life that is refreshing.

I wonder when my good mood will end. I never have trusted my moods, and now even less. I wish I could just enjoy the ride. I guess I am having fun, but the enjoyment is always tempered.

My BG was 126 this morning. Not where I want it to be. (Could it be the bluberry pie I ate last night?) I will be making better food choices today.

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