Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Three Months ago...

We reached another milestone this week, and I rode down another section of the Life Coaster. We put new flowers on the grave. We think that each silk flower arrangement will last about a month, and we don't want them to stay until they look ratty. It doesn't really bring me comfort; it just seems like the right thing to do. I still have to remind myself he is really not coming back.

I talked to A's English teacher today. They are working hard on writing this semester, and the focus is "reflective writing," or writing about oneself. I can't decide if it is unfortunate for A or a good thing. He had to write an essay about the scariest moment in his life, and he chose to write about the day W died. He was extremely upset about having to do it. I can't tell if he feels he has to write about something he doesn't want to share, or that he is simply ambivalent about sharing. I wish he would find someone he could feel comfortable talking to. He does tell me little things. He told me that a classmate got assigned W's old math book and showed it to him. Anyway, his teacher and I discussed his difficulties. I'm going to get his essays to copy tomorrow. He is having a little trouble with writing in general, and I want to help him with the mechanics of it. And, yes, I want to see what he is writing about.

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