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The beginning...

I would like this to be a record of my feelings, thoughts, interests, etc. associated with starting my new job. Before I start, I should record where I am starting from. I was an engineer for several years and really did not like it that well. I thought it was pretty normal to not like your job that much. When I had kids, I found a reason not to be an engineer any more. I also had an opportunity (a luxury, really) to decide that I wanted to change careers.

I looked around and tried out various hats: salesperson, psychology research assistant, newsletter editor, secretary. I finally found an opportunity that interested me: speech language pathology. Speech language pathology is concerned with the way people communicate and helping those who have problems communicating. I learned that it was much more that teaching kids how to pronounce their l's and r's. It combined science, language and a sense of purpose that I realized I was looking for.

I graduated in May with a Masters degree in Communication Disorders. However, to be fully certified as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP from hereafter), I must complete a year of practice under a certified SLP's supervision. Fortunately, I will still get paid! This year is called the Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY). I will be working in a rural school district in Texas.

My training starts August 6, and I start seeing students August 19th. I am equal parts excited and anxious. I hope it will be satisfying. I know the first year is hard, but I am praying that no matter what crap comes down, some child will be helped a little by what I will be doing.

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