Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Good Day

Yay, a good day. I love Thursday after work, because I know I'm heading for a weekend. I had a light schedule due to Rosh Hashana, and when I came home I had two packages waiting! (OK, I ordered the stuff myself, but it had SUCH a "Wells Fargo Wagon" feeling). I had a nice dinner with B, and he had a very good day as well. I got paid! So I am feeling good.

A started looking at the Sea World Website, and is even more enthusiastic about our trip. Yay.

Book Corner
I just read a very good book, "When Bad Things Happen to Good People." I would highly recommend it to anyone who is religious and is suffering. It is written by a rabbi who lost a son, and it dares to ask the questions we all ask ourselves when tragedy occurs.

I have started reading "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell." So far it is excellent. Salon described it as "Harry Potter meets Jane Austen", and I think they aren't far wrong. The 19th century style is very well done.

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