Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I am very excited about a new idea. I spoke to the president of our Heart to Heart charity about the whole defibrillator and training issue. She had some great ideas. The board had discussed a two-pronged approach--a campaign to help schools get defibrillators and training, and a letter-writing campaign to the state legislature to require defibrillators in schools as well as EKGs for high school athletes. Apparently other states have done this.

My idea, building on hers, is to pass legislation requiring improvement in CPR training: requiring school districts to have first responder drills at least as often as fire drills, which would include AED training if they have an AED; requiring CPR/AED to be taught as part of the required Health class for high schoolers; requiring a first responder to be on campus at any time that a campus is open to students.

I don't know if any of these things are currently required by our state, so my first mission is to find out. I've never been an activist before, so I really don't know the players. But I can learn. And hopefully, lives can be saved.

Wisconsin has a great program that I hope to learn more about called Project Adam. I am so excited about having something to do in W's memory.

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