Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Sharing a day and a disease

Yesterday was fun. A and I drove to Grapevine for a chess tournament. (Note to self DO NOT use Rand McNally maps again!). We got lost on the way there, and I swear it was the map's fault for mislabling the roads. However, I am not sure A believed me, since he has been lost with me so many times. I hope that does not go into his tell-all memoir as "Mom had a hopeless sense of direction."

A won four games and drew the last game. He tied for first place, but lost on a tiebreak, so he came home with the second place trophy. He was pretty pleased with himself. It's fun to go to tourneys where he can win a trophy, since he is usually having to play up with people much better than he is.

I stayed at home sick today with the same horrible cough A had last week. The fun things we share!

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