Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Dry Eyes

It's funny how I haven't cried this week. Then today, I was talking about something that made me tear up. When I hear or see an ambulance, I think about how I saw the one that took W to the hospital. I watched the new episode of ER last week, and it just made me cringe with memories. I just could not watch it tonight. I watched my new DVD about American Roots music instead. That was probably more entertaining anyway. The only quibble I have with it is that it glosses over so many intersting careers since it is trying to cover all types of American music from gospel to country to jazz and all permutations in between. I wanted to hear more about each performer.

I have been in touch with a group who is working on trying to get AEDs in more of our school district's schools. I offered to help, and they have asked me to write a letter. I am thrilled and a little nervous, because I do not consider myself a great writer. Perhaps I can work on a draft while I sit at the next chess tourney, which is this weekend. I think I can do this without crying.

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