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Mee'cher teacher here

I made good progress yesterday in cleaning up my room. In fact, one of the maintenance crew was working on it when I arrived, which was very nice. However, the furniture and chalkboard were still pretty dirty, so I was glad I had brought my cleaning supplies. Lots of critters of the insect variety. I need to bring a broom today.

We are working late tonight so that the parents can come by and meet the teachers. I hope someone comes by to see me, since I am in a new place and not actually in the building. I made a sign last night that I am going to put on the outside door. I had wanted to call all my parents and invite them to come by, but I was just too tired.

I talked to the lady who had had my job before me yesterday, and she gave me some good advice. Also, I met some more people on the special education staff. Everyone is pretty reserved here; no one introduced themselves to me after I gave my name and job. Since I am in the portable, I have to make a real effort to meet people. I try to go into the main building a couple of times a day in order to run into other people.

I did find out that at the elementary school, each grade level has set a side a "pull-out" time at which the child can be pulled out for various activities without the teacher complaining. That makes my scheduling easier, since I won't have to beg for each child individually. But I won't be doing scheduling until next week, because I have to finish my room AND get ready for my first ARD.

My supervisor will not be able to be there, so the diagnostician, who is experienced, is going to help out. I am going to try and fill out most of the paperwork myself and then ask for help as needed. Fortunately, the case is a pretty straightforward one.

I was feeling very anxious earlier this week, but I am feeling somewhat better today. I am hoping that it will continue to get easier, but I am trying not to look too far ahead; I don't want to scare myself further!

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