Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Saints, Llamas and Light

Our church celebrated All Saint's day today. (No, I don't know why!) The Methodist position is that we are all saints in our own way. So they remember those in the church who died during the past year. So we sped back to town in order to hear W's name read and see the white rose placed on the altar in his memory. I was strangely tearless during the service.

It was an interesting day at church today.

Our church also put on an Alternative Gift market, where you can buy things like Llamas from the Heifer project for gifts instead of the traditional whatevers. I bought for my family, and was filled with relief. I got through one part of what will be a difficult holiday, and hopefully will give something more meaningful than another dust-collector. It is part of my trying to make new traditions for the new family we have become. We also sponsored a pipe for the new pipe organ in memory of W.

In Sunday school class, our music minister, who is an ordained preacher, gave the lesson. I found out from my son that he does little lessons during choir practice as well. What a great idea! His lesson was on praying with your children and coming up with a breath prayer, one that you can say every day as you go about your day. He encouraged us to think of what we really need from God, and make it a short phrase. I thought of "hope for living," because I do want to live a life of hope instead of grief. Later, as I saw the cloudy skies and thought of the shortened days that depress me, I thought of a single word. Light.

I really need light.

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