Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,


Well, I wanted to write a gratitude entry because I need to instill some enthusiasm for living.

I am grateful for:

16 years with W
friends who listen
family members who listen
family members who cried with me on the phone
church family members who may not know me but are very caring anyway
Lj people who may not know me but are very caring anyway
Clients who make me laugh
Clients who share their joy
W's friends
the DVD of the Red Mage Project
The Scouts who helped W get his Eagle
W's doctors
The staff at W's school who tried to save his life
The people who came to his funeral, even if they just knew A
My therapist, who is relentlessly optimistic
The reporter who sent me information about W's last day
My nephew who said lollipop so nicely, and his brother and sister

I guess I am mostly grateful for all the people in my life. Thanks. You know who you are.

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