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Looks like we made it...through Meet the Teacher night

Long day, but good. I don't even feel as exhausted as I did last night. Maybe it's because I went to bed about 10:30, which is early for me. My husband came to bed at 12:30 and accidentally woke me up. At first I thought it was morning already!

I did lots of shopping this morning for my classroom, and made it to school just at 1:00 PM, our report time for the day. I was a little worried about the ARD meeting I was supposed to lead this afternoon, so I started working on the paperwork right away.

I got called away to a meeting on FM systems given by the itinerant deaf ed teacher. It was pretty interesting. The FM system allows the child to hear the teacher's voice above the background noise. Even if a child has a hearing aid, the aid ends up increasing all sound, not just the desired sound. So the FM system is very useful. The teacher had a tape that demonstrated the difference that was quite dramatic. I'm not sure yet what type of therapy the child needs, since I haven't gotten her paperwork yet.

Well. I did my first ARD today as a real, live therapist. The diagnostician was very sweet and helped me go over the paperwork before the meeting. The mom was also very nice and the ARD went quite smoothly. I can tell that the counselor and diagnostician are going to be very pleasant to work with.

We got another referral today. Since the referral was for a preschooler, I have to put together the referral packet information and send it out to the parent. Usually the teacher or counselor does it in this district. Once I receive the referral packet information back, I can start the testing. Then after the evaluation, the ARD team ( based on my recommendation) will decide whether the child will receive services or not. The diag told me there was also a rumor of a 7th grade home-schooled boy who had a problem with his "r's." And I have three sets of transfer paperwork in my briefcase!! I already feel way behind.

As soon as the ARD was over, it was time for a meeting and a dinner in the cafeteria for all teachers. We got to eat sandwiches from Subway, and the PTO gave us each an electric pencil sharpener (woo hoo!!). We then all reported to our rooms to work and await the parents. I was woefully behind on my room organization, but I bravely stuck my new, freshly laminated sign outside my portable door. I had two parents and kids come by out of my 40 plus caseload. The were both nice little kids and I was glad to meet them. One mom I had been warned was a little over the top, but she was very nice, and I think we'll get along fine. I did get some work done on my room during the time. However, there is still so much more to be done. I sure hope I get a key tomorrow, so that I can come in on the weekend.

I am working on a fun part of my room that I think is going to be great. It has a beach theme--blue paper with sea creatures on the wall, a sandy colored area rug, a tall plant, a bean bag chair and a small seat that can be unfolded into a mat. This is going to be my relaxation area. It will be used for relaxing kids who are too tense, as a reward for others, and also perhaps for a storytime area.

Well, back to training tomorrow. Only a half day at school. I sure am glad that I don't start seeing kids next week.

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