Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I should probably put this in my other LJ, but I am so excited about it I have to post it here. Our school board is voting on funding for AEDs in all schools on December 14. The lady in charge of the committee said that the letter I wrote for them (see previous post) helped get the funding. I'll be at that meeting. After the funding is approved, I am hoping to be asked to work with them to make sure that the maintenance program is in place. This is great!

Also, I will be meeting next week with a lady from my church who works for a publishing company and is going to help me get W's poetry book published. I am just going to make it for friends, I won't be selling it on Ebay or anything, but I am very excited about that as well. Hopefully, my lethargy has abated for a while.

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