Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

My exciting weekend

I finished my grief class Sunday night, then I went home and threw up. Well, probably my stomach flu was to blame. I spent Monday not eating and having fever, then today I slowly recovered. I am ready to face the clients tomorrow.

In happier news, I spent Saturday hanging out at a chess tourney with A. It was a state level tournament, so it was actually at a nice hotel. It's still like going to a soccer tournament though, it's best to bring your own seat. A and I ate lunch at this tony Korean place with excellent sushi. A exclaimed over the wooden dishes and iron teacups. I have never seen him so excited about any domestic type products before, so I was bemused. However, I try never to poke the bear with a stick on tournament day, since chess is often about the attitude. And A definitely has the attitude. He once told his coach and me about a time he made a move and deliberately shook his head, pretending he had made a mistake in order to trap his opponent. Where did he get that skill? I am a terrible liar.

While he was playing, I got to watch the little downtown area get ready for their tree lighting that night. The Marriot had made a huge gingerbread house, and they were wheeling it out on a wooden pallet. They did not do a good job of planning how to get it out, because they had forgotten to measure the doorway and porch before attempting to wheel it out. I guess the cook was not used to moving furniture. As they struggled in a tight spot, pieces of candy and icing flew off. One especially large piece of candy cane came off in the cook's hand, and he handed it to a delighted young man, who ran around with it, joyously showing off to his friends. After they finally got the house out, they began repairing it, and soon it looked as good as new. Then the rain started. A and I were done for the day, so we didn't stick around for the melting.

A won 3 and lost 3, and was ranked 17 out of 42. For his first state level tournament, that's pretty good. I just hope he doesn't start hustling.

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