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Take Me To Your Elves

While looking for something else, my husband found this letter that A dictated before he could read or write.

Dear Santa,

I want you to bring me Warcraft II and Tirestorm. And Avengers II for [W] and me, so [W] and me can play. And a set who has bad guys with golden orcs and black humans. And Sonic III, with Knuckles and Sonic. And Sonic I and a Pocahontas Animated Storybook and a bow and arrow--a little bow and arrow, and a bag of cheerio nuts and a Christmas present for [W] and some pretzel bags--little bags of them.

I want to see your elves. And I want to get three more pillows. And I want a gold of bag [bag of gold] And I want to go see Santa Claus to his food. And Xmen 3, so Daddy and [W] and me can play, and a window for Grandma's house, and some more of my ghost's friends.

Love, [A]