Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Heartwarming News

I met with the Heartsaver Committee for our school district today. They are wonderful, dedicated women! I learned some cool things:

They are going to put a plaque on one of their AED holders that will be dedicated to W's memory.
The school board is going to vote on the defibrillators as part of the entire budget for the year, so it probably will not be discussed, but just passed with everything else.
The committee is dedicated to training and maintenance of the program. I gave the information from Project Adam that I have so that they can copy it to adapt it for the district.
They have awesome contacts! Another person is interested in lobbying for the legislation that I am interested in too.

One of the ladies on the committee goes to my church (which is very large), and approached the senior minister recently about getting a defibrillator. She is also going to be doing free training for the church and invited me to help participate.

Wow. I felt very uplifted today. They have made my Christmas.

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