Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I am squishing a red pillow-like object that is full of polystyrene beads. I have wanted one for myself ever since I got one for my kids in therapy, and B gave me one tonight as an early Christmas present. I feel like the twelve days of Christmas lady. One of my patients loves that song but it usually involves Three Little Pigs and Two Little Ducks. Turtle Doves don't really sound as fun as Little Ducks anyway.

We had a chess tourney today that was strictly non-rated and for fun only. However, I like taking A to these because in the rated tournaments he is usually up against tough competition these days. So in these fun tournaments, he usually wins a trophy. Today the poor TD had his computer break down, so they had to do everything manually. I think it was a nightmare for them. Unfortunately, they got some wrong information about A. They thought that A had lost his third game, when actually he had won it. So A was put in a different bracket for opponents, and he didn't realize it until the beginning of the fifth round. By then he had already been assigned his last opponent, so they had him play a poor little guy that he beat in five minutes with a Scholar's mate. So A won all his games, but he had played weaker opponents. In a chess tournament, you are not eliminated, so more than one player frequently has the same score at the end. Final rankings are determined by a complicated formula, but the better your opponents did, the better your "tiebreakers" are. So A played a perfect match, but he brought home a second place trophy. Still, it was a nice trophy and we were happy, even of we didn't really get to play any really good games. We had a nice time being together, and A got to play basketball with some other kids in between rounds.

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