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Feeling much better, thanks

Monday was a pretty rough day--I felt as though I was drowning. Finally, I found a way to organize my files so that they would have a place to go and not get lost, but that still gave me the visual cues I needed. I also had to re-create my schedule almost from scratch after I accidently copied over it. But I made it through the day, and even managed to go to a meeting at the high school about my son's new academic program.

Today was much better. I finished a draft of my schedule and sent it out to all the teachers. I got to meet a few of my more involved students. One is a little girl with Rett's syndrome.Read more about Rett's here. One is a little boy with autism, and the third was a little boy who has MR. They were all sweet kids.

The best part of the day was when my husband came at lunch with a new plant for my room, and a flower arrangement. We have been married 19 years today! What a sweetie! We ate lunch together, and the rest of the day went much better. I am feeling more optimistic that I can get through the bleh stuff (paperwork) and get to the fun stuff, like planning therapy.


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Aug. 21st, 2002 03:52 am (UTC)
19 years! I never keep up with when y'all were married (which is funny, somehow, as I was there), and did not realize it had been quite that long. Congratulations!

One of my favorite law school sayings is that one should be worried if, in the first year of law school, one is not completely confused by 10/1, and also worry if the confusion does not clear up a bit by 11/1. I suspect that this applies here, too.

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