Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Selling the Car

We officially sold the car W used today, and B wrote this about it.

Driving Lessons

I turned and opened the door, one last wave
Not sure I could be seen beyond the shrubbery
I thought of the hours we spent in that car
Learning to drive and talking and laughing

As it left our life, 6 months after you died

Circling the parking lot
Sometimes with a friend along for company
Or in another car; Sometimes just we two
"Stop when I say stop please!"
"Circle around that island and head back the other way."

Then we graduated to neighborhood streets
We drove to your old school
Where once I followed a younger you on your bike
to make sure you got there safely
Now you drove the car along, cautiously

Always you drove to Boy Scouts and back home
And we practiced going to your school
We'd pull in and park, then back out and head home

I was shocked when I kidded you that we should drive
to Her house, and you said Okay
And we sat there with our surprise visit
I made conversation with her Mom while you sat quietly with her

Even more shocked when we went back another night
To repeat the practice drive, and quaint visit

I was so proud when you drove alone to boy scouts
And glad I needed to go too, so I could follow along behind
to make sure you got there safely

So proud when you took over for your now smaller carpool
And drove to school, or to scouts, or to wherever you needed

I miss our time together practicing
And laughing, and talking

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