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Over halfway through the first week

Things continue to get better. No one commented on my schedule today. I am hoping that means that no one has a problem with it. Actually, I went by the fourth grade teachers, and one of them begged me to take her kids today! I went over to the middle school and found out that my one student has moved from the district. It's nice to have one leave to balance out all the new ones. I actually started thinking about therapy today, and worked some on my room. I set up a new little rolling cabinet that has supplies in it. It just feels so good to know where stuff is. I don't have a teacher desk yet, but I did convince the principal that I needed my own printer, since I have to print out confidential information. I even had the chance at the end of the day to sit and chat with a couple of co-workers. I must invest in more comfortable shoes, though.

When I got home, there was a new game I had ordered waiting for me. It's a practice game for asking WH- questions called "Curious" something. The playing pieces are little plastic cats. Too cute!! Ahem, I mean, "Motivational tactical manipulatives." Can't have everyone thinking we just play in our therapy!! Actually, people that don't understand it think that is what we are doing. However, the play has a purpose. To be meaningful, the therapy needs to be imbedded in a real-life experience. Play is an important experience for young children.

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