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Wednesday, and a whole new Mood or two

Well, I finished two rough drafts of reports this morning.

Mood change

I have been feeling sad since I read the article about a McKinney boy whose life was saved by an AED. I am happy for his family, but why couldn't W have had his life saved as well? That question is hard to live with and it weighs me down. I can't believe that God took W for his sins or my sins or to give PISD defibrillators. I realize the why question will never be answered. But that does not make it easier to bear.

Mood change

I was very pleased to hear from the school district nurse who started the Heart safe committee. She is helping start a Care Nurse Ministry at our church, and is asking me to help out by providing people a reason to get trained. I am so happy to help, and grateful to her for all of her work.


Jan. 12th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC)
Gratitude is no small thing. I used to get all up in faces about it - urrrgh, no more cheap sentiment for ME, please! - but now I realize it's tough, resilient stuff. I work on gratitude and it grows like weeds. Thanks.