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Week One: Survived!!

Friday was an OK day for me. I went around to all the classrooms and met my kids. I also made sure the teachers understood their times. Naturally, there were a few changes. The 5th grade teachers changed their pull-out times which caused me to rearrange my schedule. Fortunately, the kindergarten teachers were accommodating. Next week, I will begin seeing kids, and we'll _really_ see how it goes. One of the fifth grade teacher was particularly nasty. I think she was irritated because I had gotten a pencil sharpener from the PTO at the Back to School Night and she didn't. I decided to stand in line for the goodies before I stood in line for the food, which was apparently the smart thing to do since the PTO ran out. She and the PTO president were discussing the situation in the work room while I was waiting for the copier, and she glanced my way several times. Apparently the PTO did not know how many people were actually going to show up because they did not count the teacher aides and other staff (like me, the counselor and the nurse). Oh well!

A nice teacher pointed out that the other teachers in the portables used the Admin building when they wanted to make copies (it's inbetween my room and the elementary school). Since I serve all the schools, I thought this was a great idea. The admin people were very nice, their work room is nicer than the teacher workroom, and it is much less crowded.

Saturday, I felt as though I was in a fog all day. I was continually exhausted. Today I am feeling much better. We went up to the school to put the finishing touches on my room before the kids come in. I almost feel ready for tomorrow.


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Aug. 25th, 2002 01:42 pm (UTC)
I would not lose sleep over that teacher. It may be her thoughts were focused on something else altogether, or that she glares at everyone.

I'm glad the scheduling got largely done...that's a big initial battle. Now, though, it's time to mount your charger and joust with the forces of speech and language!

Aug. 25th, 2002 01:47 pm (UTC)
New groups and individuals can be intimidating, but, like the previous comment, I wouldn't devote too much anxiety to that frowning teacher. Maybe give her a wide bearth and just smile all whenever she frowns, but don't attempt to interact.

The "nice" one sounds far "nicer" and I bet in no time, you'll be acclimated to the many new situations and people and develope your own routines and good relationships -- not that you haven't already begun to do that.
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