Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

There's a Brown Haze around the moon, and I wish I could see you tonight

As I left work tonight, I saw a halo around the moon. It was a muted golden brown nest that held the shiny white orb.It must have been a sign of good fortune.

I spoke tonight at a local high school Student Congress meeting. The school nurse had asked me to speak supporting their purchase of additional defibrillators for the campus because it is so large. I did the five minute talk that I have been giving at various locations over the past few months. The kids listened with respectful attention to both myself and the nurse. When it came time to vote for the funds, there was little discussion. One boy said. "Why wouldn't we want to do this?" The kids voted to buy two defibrillators for this year. I love having the chance to talk about W with such incredible results.

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