Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Hunter Thompson + Pope= Rant

I have read several eulogies to Hunter Thompson this week. Although his writing was not for me, I can understand why others praised it. However, I cannot understand why others have praised his taking of his own life. He had a broken leg and a broken hip and walked with a limp. He was probably in pain, sure. But to take your own life for that is an act of cowardice, not bravery.

I am not Catholic, but I can't help admiring the Pope in this one aspect: he is using the fact of his illness as an opportunity to show how to deal with suffering. This man can barely breathe, yet he clings to his life and work with tenacity. Suffering is part of the human condition, and how one chooses to deal with it is a measure of one's character.

If you had known my mother-in-law, you would have understood the concept. Her attitude toward life was positive and active, down to the very end of it. That, my friends, is true fearlessness.

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