Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Over the Hump

Wow--my first week with kids. I have barely had time to breathe, and I have been utterly exhausted at home. For the most part, the kids are quite sweet.

Tuesday was quite a doozy. A major thunderstorm rattled my car as I drove to work. Fortunately, my sweet husband had given me a new hooded raincoat for my birthday. I also had a big golf umbrella stashed in my room. Since I am in a portable, the kids have to walk outside to see me. That is fun on nice days, because they have a chance to exercise before they get to my room. On Tuesday, it was an ADVENTURE. Wind blowing fiercely, rain pummeling down, and lightning in the distance. And me, newbie speech teacher dragging the poor kids out in it. Umbrellas turned inside out, kids jumping at the thunder, and little boys wearing teacher jackets since they brought none of their own. In the afternoon, the rain stopped. In the middle of my next to last session of the day, my CFY supervisor appeared unexpectedly. Fortunately, she is very nice, so I wasn't too nervous.

Now that I am seeing kids, I have so much more to do and less time to do it in. I had a great plan for the first day of therapy--everyone make homework folders. The kids colored and chatted, and I explained my rules and observed their speech. The plan worked quite well. Then it hit me--they are going to come back! I will need a plan for the second day and the third...tried not to panic...I had made a notebook of all my kid's goals organized in groups (Thanks to my last wonderful supervisor!). I made notes and planned. I did it!

Now all I have to do is all my other paperwork and ARD scheduling! No problem!! Hee hee hee.... Thank you Lord for Labor day. The part-time job I turned down is starting to look really good now.

I got an exciting email from one of my former instructors. She had used some info from a project I did for her in her website and now she is putting it together for a poster presentation at our state convention. She has asked me to participate, and I am very excited! Who needs sleep anyway?

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