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Roller Coaster of Love?

I had a really bad weekend. I was looking forward to having a special time with A, but he started throwing up Friday, so the plans were scotched.

But my week was better. I met with my kind family attorney in order to start my new non-profit corporation. I bought a website space and domain name to start the first goal--providing information about starting AED programs. Once I have it up and running, I will post the address here. I have been studying how to be a web site designer and a non-profit corporate president all in the same week. And I had my first meeting as part of a county wide health coalition. I met wonderful people who are going to be a great help with my non-profit. I am very jazzed.


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Mar. 4th, 2005 12:52 pm (UTC)
That sounds so exciting....and a new adventure as well. Sorry A was sick!
I have learned alot about brochure making this year, so if you want help when the time comes I'd volunteer. have a GREAT day!
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