Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Nothing going on in my life but...

A got his passport AND his braces today. Surprisingly, he did not have much pain with the braces. Not surprisingly, the passport was entirely pain-free. I hope A is as excited about his Costa Rica trip as I am for him. He is also starting confirmation class next week. Ah, the joys of thirteen. I think he looks adorable in braces, but please don't tell him that.

He told me he wants to take French next year instead of band. He sneakily did not complain about band, but instead extolled the virtues of knowing several languages. He was not impressed when I said he had to do another extracurricular to take the place of band, which kind of gave his plan away.

No news on the corporation front except that someone is helping me redesign my logo, and another kind soul is helping me think out my website plan. Meanwhile, gurdonark is doing his thing.
A friend's father died, and I didn't know until the funeral had passed. I wish I could have gone. I understand now how important it is.

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