Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Not so Good Friday

Friday morning, I got a call from a client saying they wanted to quit seeing me after only two visits. She told my boss that I was not enjoying my job, that I was sighing and looking at my watch when I was working with her child. The sad thing is that I enjoyed working with her child, and that I remembered playing with her, singing, and laughing. (The parent was behind me taking notes the entire time, which was a little unusual and unnerving). The little girl said "Let's go!" and ran down the hall to my room on the second visit. This mother does have a reputation for going to someone and leaving quickly (She had been through two SLPs previously after only two meetings). Also, she was disappointed that she did not get scheduled with my boss.

However, I know that I have a style that is laid back. I appear to be very calm, which is soothing to kids that are hyperactive. However, this girl is a low-energy child, and the other kids that parents have complained about me personally and remarked on my low-key style also had low energy children. Is it just a bad combination of my style, the new dosage of medication which does make me a little sleepy, and the rough year I have had. Let's face it, I have never been a bubbly, giddy type. The events of this year would take the energy out of anyone. But I still want to be able to work with any type of child regardless of energy level.

After my depressing phone call, I had to test someone who did not need me. sigh.

When I got home yesterday, A and I had a little spat, so he didn't want to go see a movie with me like he had planned.

B bought me a new desktop to replace the laptop that is going through a mysterious crashing phrase. Fiddling with it has cheered me up some. I got A a phone for Easter, which restored me to his good graces. So I look forward to two church services with young A singing tomorrow with a lighter heart.

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