Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I'm Baaaack!

I had a great time in Austin and got back this morning.; I learned some great things, saw some old friends, toured a fun city and ate delicious food. However, one of the standouts of the trip was my visit to the Capitol building. My friends, I became a Lobbyist for a Day!;

Our organization is very concerned about a bill that passed in the State Senate. It allows people who have taken a course in what is basically phonics teaching aimed at helping dyslexia to become licensed as an Academic Language Therapist. They have 40 hours of training and do not have to have a college degree. Naturally, those of us who are licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, who have a Masters degree and one year of clinical supervision before they can practice independent Speech and Language Therapy are not too happy. The bill states that these people are allowed to treat for dyslexia "and related disorders." So parents will be very confused about this.

So a group of us went over to the Capitol and visited our Senator's office and our Representatives office. We took little gifts and talking points. I got to speak to one semi-important staff member, but mostly I talked to secretaries.; Apparently, this is just another day in their life. I enjoyed it, though.;

When I got back home, the men were finishing up our brand new wood laminate floors that replaced the ancient carpet. The house is still not fully put back together, but the results are awesome. Hopefully, not all the stuff we took out will go back, since some of it was junk.; I am very excited to have been forced to kick off spring cleaning in this way.

I survived not being on the Internet for half a week, but it is good to be back.

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