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Rantings from a Really bad week...

I haven't written about it because I just couldn't bear having people read about how much I missed my son for the eleventy billionth time, and how I was spitefully angry at people who have "worse" heart disease than my son had but are still alive. I even resent that flags are at half mast for the Pope when they weren't for my W. The Pope never hugged me!

A sweet neighbor told me " You know I still think about him, and many people still remember him. He is not forgotten."

Wow. It feels so comforting to have someone say that.


Apr. 10th, 2005 01:09 am (UTC)
I won't forget.
Once I knew, I also knew I would never forget.

Love never ends.

Greg died three and a half years ago, and I miss him every day.

There were people I couldn't speak to after Greg died, because I was so furious that they were alive and he was dead.