Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Getting up in the Morning is the Hardest Part

I find that the most difficult part of the working day for me is the beginning. The first is the waking up and dreading the day. Once I take a shower, I start a routine that becomes much easier. The next bad part is driving to work, right before I get to the parking lot. I begin dreading the day all over again. Once I go into my room and see my to-do list and my schedule, I realize it is all doable, and I relax. I guess trying to deal with all of it instead of in little chunks is not the way to go. I wonder if my dread is new-therapist-itis, or a part of my disorder. It's often hard to see where "I" begin and the "illness" ends. I am much better than I used to be at thinking my way out of despair, or at least at realizing that the despair always passes eventually and hanging in there.

I have some kids that I am treating that seem to be doing remarkably well; in fact, I can't find anything wrong with their speech. I am remarkably tempted to call their parents and ask for re-evals, especially since they are bored and causing havoc. It is really frustrating to try and work with a poor little kindergartner that really needs a lot of help while the others are squirming or calling for my attention. Kindergartners can't really help it, because they really weren't made for sitting for 20 minutes at a time. I may try my new CAPES program on the good speakers to see if they have any errors left, then ask the parents what they think. Unfortunately, formal testing and/or change is services comes at a price: ARDs! I have so many meetings now, I'm not sure I can squeeze in four more. I think I would have to have a pre-eval and then an eval meeting for each. Maybe I can change their services with only one meeting and an informal evaluation. I'll have to check on that.

I'm going to try music with my young lady who has Rett's tomorrow. I hope she responds.

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