Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Odds and Weekends

I spent Saturday visiting animal adoption sites looking at dogs. I am considering adopting a small dog, even though I have never had a dog before. I do have two cats. So the dog has to get along with cats and a 13 year old boy. A is lobbying for a "small dog" like a chihuahua. I patted many dogs, but none really got to me. Which is good, because I don't want to get one just on impulse. Unfortunately, when I got home, my eyes felt a little puffy, so I am worried that I might be allergic.

A was confirmed in our church today along with the rest of his class. They had to take a ten week course before joining the church, but he did not seem to mind. In fact, he was asking me about helping at Vacation Bible School. I asked him if he wanted to, and he shrugged, which I take to mean "Sure, I'd love to!" Since I have already signed him up for Jr. High Mission Week, and his uncle is threatening to take him to a chess tourney, his June sounds nice and busy.

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