Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Random Stuff

I have decided to take the day off on June 8. Just imagining writing that date on therapy notes was enough to make me tear up. I will find something to do, but it won't be at work. So what if I cry all day? Maybe I need to.

At the dentist, I discovered that I have been clenching my teeth, and I have worn through a crown and broken two fillings, and I need a second crown. This means 3 dental visits and 2500 dollars. Bleah.

****Mood swing***

I have a new personal trainer. His name is Ahnold. We do mild aerobics every morning and evening. He also helps with upper body strength by providing a counter weight.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my sweet doggy. I noticed many more comments on his picture than that of my husband. Don't worry honey, I still love you.

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