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I made it through the day pretty well. A big thanks to all my LJ friends who remembered the day with me!

I went up to his room and put together a set of T-shirts that would make a nice quilt. B and I went to the grave together, where we noticed someone had left a rock on the headstone and a Mountain Dew bottle. (Mountain Dew was his favorite drink). I thought that was pretty cool, and I set the bottle into the flowers so that no one would throw it away.

I saw two ambulances that looked exactly like the one I followed to the hospital.

I re-read cards people had sent us.

I am very glad I did not go into work, so that I could feel however I wanted to feel without worrying about what someone else saw.

So a year has gone by, and he is still gone.


Jun. 10th, 2005 04:19 am (UTC)
i cant say anything that wont seem a cliche: just say that i hope i am among your lj friends, and i do pray for you and yours