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I bought new batteries for my boombox, found my Barney CD, and lugged it all over to see my friend with Retts. Unfortunately, the poor child was in the middle of eating breakfast because she doesn't have time to eat it before school starts. I observed her eating because she does have a swallowing disorder, so that was helpful. I also got a lot of good information from her aide, who has been with her a long time. I found out she had been already evaluated by the AT team. Unfortunately, I have no information on what they found. I left a message for them, and hopefully we can connect soon.

My paperwork is starting to pile up again. I stayed late tonight and will go in early tomorrow to make sure all my forms are filled out. I have to fill out 5 forms just to invite everyone to an ARD meeting, and 20 more pages for the meeting itself. I have to send out invitations 5 school days ahead of time, and so I am in a cycle of: invite, prepare, meet, file and fill out more forms, and return back to the central office. I hope to get a better system going so I can start doing this faster.

Spent the evening working on a poster with W. I think requiring high schoolers to do posters is so stupid. I would never help this much with any homework except this. W. had a horrible experience in English in the 7th grade when he was getting poor grades for not having pretty posters. And he is a great writer! Usually, I really like the school system we are in, but there are individuals that drive me up a tree. But I did have a nice talk with W., which is rare and delicious.

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