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Trading Cards
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User Number: 637228
Date Created:2002-07-20
Number of Posts: 28

A speech therapist discussing life in her journal, lonestarslp is old enough to know better.
Strengths: sense of humor, enjoys playing with kids, smart.
Weaknesses: Constantly tired, hates paperwork.
Special Skills: Can create ocean scene with blue paper and cut-out fish.
Weapons: sarcasm, bad attitude, look of death.
Motto: Take one 30 minute session at a time.

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  • Writer's Block: You Wouldn't Understand

    Gak! I made it up to express disgust and to avoid using a cuss word in front of my kids.

  • Score!

    For some reason, all the kids are getting out early, even though there is no ice on the ground yet. All of my clients except one canceled (all are…

  • I always knew it

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